Who We Are

"Amoha” means “Pure” and it describes the natural state of being for everyone of us. Our inner dialogue already signifies “Amoha” — that, we’re all beautiful irrespective of shape, shade and size!

It’s unfortunate, that we have come to believe that we need to change, transform or look a certain way to feel and look beautiful. As a brand, we work to challenge this physical benchmarking approach to beauty.

For us at Amoha, beauty is a spiritual idea.
Through our line of products, we seek to take you on a journey of finding, embracing, pampering and beaming your best selves.

And looking good? That’s just a by-product that happens on this journey. 

Skincare that's Just Like You!

The Amoha Natural range, like you, is naturally full of goodness and vitality; it’s everything you really need.

Authentic natural ingredients are at our core. These ingredients have inherent bio actives that work from the inside out to nourish, care, pamper – and deliver an unparalleled experience. After all, it’s the journey that counts!

Our product lines are suited to different care needs. Each of these lines, comprise of care rituals that leave you joyous, radiant and in love with your natural self.