How to Wake Up to a Brighter Face Every Morning

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Your morning skincare routine can often turn into a race against the clock. So if you wish to wake up with a brighter face every morning, then you need to ensure that the products that you use do the heavy lifting for you while you are asleep.

Basically, you need to ditch the complicated a.m. process and stick to a mindful skincare regime for the night that will allow your skin to replenish itself, while you catch on some zzzz’s. Below given are some of the essential tips that will allow you to make the right beauty move.

Wash your face 

You need to get rid of the dirt and make-up if you wish to wake up looking gorgeous. Don’t make the mistake of sleeping with any make-up product on, even an eyeliner. It can wreak serious havoc. The chances are, no matter how smudge-proof, waterproof or long-lasting it is, it will be a mess by the time you’ve tossed and turned in it all night. Cleanse away any dirt and oils sitting on top of your skin before bed, and you’ll wake up feeling clean and beautiful.


Always drink a glass of water or a cup of green tea before going to bed. This will help you to detox all the toxins in the morning, allowing your skin to breathe. As much for the entire day, hydration before bedtime is equally necessary, especially if you want a smooth, bright and plump skin.

Moisturization is key 

Who wants to wake up with dry flaky skin? Apply a nourishing moisturizer on your face and neck before bed to wake up with glowing and revitalized skin. A gel-based moisturizer is excellent for women with oily skin as it penetrates the deep layers without creating excess sebum.

You can incorporate skin oils or serum in your beauty routine for women with dry skin before applying a moisturizer. This will help protect the skin’s moisture barrier.

Mask it! 

Masking can be super beneficial for the skin, especially if done on night. Always choose naturally sourced masks as it will allow your skin to breathe and won’t push the parabens deeper into the layers. A clay-based mask is a great option to get rid of the dirt and oil.

If you fancy sheet masks, then these are a great option as well. Although keep in mind, do not overburden your skin with too many products. You have to allow it to breathe.

The timing

The phrase “beauty sleep” is actually grounded in truth. If you want to achieve a smooth and clear skin, then you have to get the recommended eight hours of sleep. If you are sleep deprived, there’s a good chance you’ll look pale, worn-out, and have bags under your eyes. Go to bed at a decent time so you can fill the recommended quota of eight hours per night.

Bye bye phone 

Ditch the phone at least an hour before falling asleep. Too much exposure to the blue light can result in wrinkles and fine lines across the eyes. Try catching up on your favorite novel instead. Make sure to wipe your phone with a sanitizing tissue whenever required.

Satin/silk pillows 

If you really can’t sleep in any other position than on your tummy, invest in some satin or silk pillow covers. Not only does this mean that you wake up feeling like a princess every morning, but these super-soft materials help your skin and hair to glide along them when you move around in your sleep. Less friction and creases mean less frizzy hair and skin crinkles.  

Small changes in your skincare routine can benefit you immensely. Hence, ditch such product that doesn’t serve the purpose. A popular retailer of beauty products in India has curated a skin brightening combo you can look at.

It consists of such amazing products like face wash, clay mask, serums and essence that can transform your skin. Perfect for a nighttime routine to get the brighter skin of your dreams when you wake up.

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