How to Get the Diwali Glow Like Never Before?

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If you ask a hundred women how to get glowing skin, you will get a hundred different answers. However, there are certain naturally sourced skincare products, which along with skincare routine practices can yield great benefits. It can literally help you achieve the Diwali glow like never before!

Given in the blog below is a helpful guide for women so that they can begin the skincare routine with ease. So, wait no more and find out about the most radiant, lit-from-within skin of your life awaits ahead.

Your grandma was right!

There are many natural products, considered as beauty staple that are found in the Indian households. These are practically your one-stop solution for exfoliation, hydration and depigmentation. However if you want a product that will do the trick, do check out the online store of a popular beauty retailer to find premium skincare products curated with sustainably source ingredients.

Make friends with clay masks

If you’re looking to give your skin a do-over, clay masks can get to the core of your skincare concerns with much greater effect than any chemical peel. Dermatologists often recommend using such clay masks that will not only aid in hydration and exfoliation but will be helpful for your specific skin issues.

Look to skin-hydrating moisturizers

If you’re looking to hydrate your skin beyond just feeding it with eight glasses of water, we would advice you to opt for the green tea moisturizer.  This offers an extra boost of moisture without making your skin sticky or oily. It consists of a unique blend of essential oils that bind water in the dermis, thus hydrating the skin from within. Apart from hydrating and enhancing the glow of the skin, they also help get rid of fine lines and wrinkles, thus reversing the signs of ageing.

The cleansing deal

Glowing skin is all about the base. Hence, a great cleansing routine can be super beneficial for your skin, irrespective of the texture type.  Opt for a vitamin C cleansing gel, because it cleans and lifts dirt and grime from the skin right after the first wash. Pollutants, make-up and grime can accumulate on the skin leading to dullness and breakouts which can erode your skin’s glow, so this step is essential.

Look at what’s on your plate

What you’re applying on your skin is just as important as what you’re putting within. You should choose a balanced diet with antioxidant-rich foods and essential fatty acids which are crucial for healthy, glowing skin.  Spices like turmeric is loaded with antioxidants and is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. So, incorporate these in your daily diet as well.

Sip on some bone broth

If you’re not ready to add collagen supplements to your diet then, bone broth serves as the best thing for maintaining the skin’s elasticity. It consists of a rich combination of nutrients, including calcium, magnesium, potassium, silicon, sulphur and phosphorous and it works on addressing any dietary deficiencies that could be dampening your skin’s natural glow.

Say hello to facial exercise

If working out in the gym can do wonders for your body, the same holds true for your facial skin. By exercising your facial muscles, you will be able to increase the blood circulation which can increase skin’s natural glow.

Stock up on super foods

You are what you eat, and so is your skin. If you’re looking to supercharge your skin, you might consider investing in super foods. What you put in your body literally becomes your skin. Therefore, make room for certain products like Desi Ghee, Quinoa, nuts, olive oil, etc. in your kitchen. These are a blessing in disguise.

Hopefully the aforementioned tips will help you get the best glow for the festive season. Since, you’re on the route for a brightened and hydrated skin, do have a look through the online store of a popular retailer of amazing skincare products in India. Each product is curated to meet the needs of the Indian skin. Affordable and safe, invest in these today!

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