How to Get Gorgeous Skin for a Photogenic Festive Look?

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Are you suffering from a lackluster and textured skin? Do you want a gorgeous skin to look like a divine beauty on your festive pics this year? Well, who doesn’t! The first step to ensuring a great skin is to follow a simple routine. And in order to make the products work for your skin, you need to opt for a line-up that doesn’t cancel out the previous product’s benefits.

Figuring out the proper steps is essential for your skincare regime. As much as we all are well versed with the daytime products, a proper night-time skincare routine can be equally effective for your skin. For the night your primary concern should be repairing and rejuvenating the skin. It is the ideal time to address the personal skin issues. Read on to know what are the ideal products you need to use to experience the benefits.

Step 1

Vitamin C face wash – Cleanse your skin thoroughly with a face wash that consist of the goodness of orange extracts. Lather it up and massage gently on the t-zone, blemishes and the other problem areas of the face so that it deep cleanses without leaving any traces of oil or dirt. You should begin with a clean base- hence a devoted cleansing session is important.

Step 2

Desi Rose Toner – This is one of the most essential of all skincare steps. However, there are some people who either swear by it, or they think it’s totally useless. Although we recommend you to use a toner, as it helps calibrate the skin as it balances pH and moisture levels of the skin, especially if you have an oily skin. Look for such toners that consist of flower extracts like Desi Rose for its multifaceted benefits. 

Step 3

Treatment – This step is where you can customize the routine tailored to your skin concerns. The line-up follows a face mask, serum, a moisturizer and finally a face oil to seal the benefits of the products. You can choose these products with specific ingredients that will help cater to your specific skincare needs.

Divine Face mask– The Divine Instant Glow Face Mask is enriched with the goodness of Sandalwood powder, Karpur, Aloe Vera and calendula extracts that not only nourishes the skin but lends a divine glow to the skin. It also helps to remove the dark spots, pigmentation, tan and blemishes from the face thus resulting in a clear complexion.

Advanced Anti-ageing cream– Women with matured skin can opt for this cream as it slows down the pre-mature signs of ageing with its careful formulation. It is enriched with natural ingredients like the baobab fruit extracts and vitamin B5 that restores the youthful visage of the skin.

Vitamin E oil – A dose of powerful antioxidant at the end of the skincare routine will help in deep moisturization of the skin. It will also allow the other ingredients to reach the deeper layers and work its benefits. You can massage a few drops of Vitamin E oil over your face before going to bed so that it replenishes the texture overnight while eradicating blemishes and creating an even-toned skin.

You can begin this easy nighttime skincare routine today, to experience a goddess like glow on the days of the festivities. Always ensure to choose products with such ingredients that will help address the specific concerns of your skin.

Make sure to check out the online store of a popular Indian beauty retailer to find a plethora of such premium beauty products that are carefully curated for the diverse Indian skin. These are priced at affordable rates and are great skincare investment as well.

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