Guide to an Effortless Skincare Routine for the Perfect Durga Puja

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The grand celebration of Durga Puja is a few weeks away. The days will be filled with celebration, love & laughter, cultural shows and definitely a new wardrobe adds to the opulence of the festivities. However, it is essential to keep your skin healthy and rejuvenated as well. No one wants dry, patchy, or an oily skin to get in the way of the photogenic social media posts. A great skin can go a long way to ensure that you look your best for the Durga Puja.

We have curated the best skincare routine that is super effortless. It consists of naturally sourced Ayurvedic products that will not only add a healthy glow to your skin but will transform the texture as well. So, let’s find out more about the festive skincare regime in the blog below.


You should ideally cleanse your skin three times a day to remove the excess oil or grime build up in the pores. A vitamin C, orange extract enriched face wash is perfect for not only deep cleaning the skin but to restore the natural brightness of the complexion as well. The healthy dose of vitamin C coupled with the soothing exfoliating properties will help to keep the blackheads and acne at bay!


If you want to get rid of flaky skin, then a Silk cocoon scrub is exactly what you need. It consists of the goodness of the silk cocoon which consists of components like Sericin and eighteen other types of amino acids that is perfect for protecting your skin from UV damage and regulating the hydrating ability as well. Use it twice a week to experience the noticeable difference for yourself.


Mask is quite underrated. Facial masks consist of superfoods which your skin craves to retain its pH balance, soft texture, brightness and suppleness. Ideally there are a few different types of masks that you can choose from, like, Bentonite Clay Mask, French Green Clay, Moroccan Rhassoul Clay, etc. However, if you want the subtle golden glow in your skin for the Durga Puja, then the Divine, instant glow face mask will definitely work for you. It is infused with the goodness of sandalwood paste and Karpur that has amazing healing qualities and helps to prevent tanning and sun-burn as well.


You must tone your skin every alternate day, if not daily, after cleansing. This face mist helps to restore the pH level of the skin, has soothing properties and creates a porous barrier so that the moisturizer seeps well into the deeper layers of the skin. Always choose the non-alcoholic variety of toners as these won’t dry out your skin or make it patchy. The Amoha Desi Rose Water toner is ideal for Indian skin as it rejuvenates and hydrates your skin from within.


The humidity, rains, changing weather can be a recipe of disaster for your skin.  Whether you have a dry skin or suffering from the oiliness of the texture, a non-greasy moisturizer is much needed for your skincare routine. Enter the Green Tea Moisturizer- it consists of a blend of essential oils that has many skin soothing and hydrating benefits. It has a lightweight texture that absorbs into the deeper layers of the skin to provide it with the much-needed nourishment.

So, make use of the available time left for the Durga Puja and incorporate the aforesaid products into your skincare routine.

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