Get the Glowy Pataka Look this Diwali with Amoha Natural

khadi vitamin c face wash

The festive season is here. All the lights, love and not to forget…the delicious food! Instead of sticking to your same old skincare routine, why not transform your essentials for premium naturally sourced products to get the glowy pataka look for Diwali this year!

Since we all are homebound, invest a little time in a carefully curated skincare routine that will definitely give you the bombshell look. With the subtle changes in the weather, you need a major skin care upgrade to keep up with the drastic changes. So, it’s time that you swap the ordinary products for something that will not only yield great results but will lend a healthy shine to your skin. So take notes in the blog below for start off with the pampering shesh!

Swap to a gentler cleanser

Give your mornings a citric start with a gentle vitamin C facial cleanser. As compared to the other gel based face washes, this won’t strip your skin off its natural moisture barrier. It is infused with the goodness of oranges that will help reduce pigmentation and balance the sebum production as well. Ideally this face wash works well for women with oily and combination skin. Naturally exfoliating, it penetrates deep into the skin.

Toner is the king!

If you are not already using a toner, then what exactly are you doing to your skin? In fact, autumn is the best time to get on that bandwagon! Facial toners are an easy way to balance the skin, strengthen its barrier, and provide hydration. A Desi Rose toner has many benefits for your skin. It is particularly helpful during the cold winter months, as it returns your skin’s pH back to normal and helps absorb any other hydrating products that follow it.  

Use a hydrating moisturizer

A hydrating moisturizer is exactly what you so that your skin gets the sufficient moisture from its environment. During winter, your skin requires a thicker and heavier moisturizer that will keep it hydrated throughout the day. Hence, a gentle green tea infused moisturizer is perfect for keeping your skin soft and supple.

Invest in a good face mask

Face masks can be a real game changer. Especially if you want a squeaky clean, spot free and a glowing visage. Ideally clay masks works well for this concern. You can find a Divine Instant Glow Face Mask that is infused with the goodness of sandalwood paste, karpur, etc. The natural blend works well for women with all skin types and can be used every alternate day for a cleaner and plump skin.

Always make sure to look for such products that consists of such ingredients that is derived from the nature. If you follow the skincare routine and invest in the aforesaid products, you can get the bright look for Diwali!

Do check out the online store of a popular Indian skincare brand and fill your carts with such products that is suited for your specific skin concern. So, wait no more and begin your skincare routine for the Pataka like glow today!

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