1. How often can we use the treatment soaps?

These treatment soaps have been made specifically for daily use for best results. Each variant of soap gives you natural nourishment alongwith the desired result. E.g. tamarind treatment bar gives you protection from tanning if your skin is highly prone to sun tan.

2. If we have chronic pimple / acne problem, how often should we apply the clay?

Chronic acne problem can be resolved if you use the mask daily and keep it for about 20 – 30 minutes on effected areas specially. You can then wash it off and apply a light moisturiser. Results can be seen as fast as 7 days to 12 days.

3. How many times can a use 1 cocoon scrub? How long should I use the scrub?

Single cocoon scrub can be ideally used not more than twice depending on the usage. Generally we recommend 1 to 2 minutes of light rotating application on face and neck area.

4. Can men use your products?

All our products are for natural skin treatment for both men and women

5. If I want anti ageing treatment routine what all products do you recommend?

You can daily use our papaya soap treatment bar during bathing. At night, before sleeping you can apply 2 drops of geranium essential oil on dampened face and massage till dry. Alongwith it, you can use Morroccon Rhassoul clay mask every alternate day.  Coccoon scrub can be used on the other alternate days. Within 4 to 6 months of this routine, you will see visible effects.

6. I have hormonal acne problems, what product do you recommend and in what intervals?

Hormonal acne break outs can be treated with our Neem basil mask to be used on alternate days. Along with that use daily carrot ciinamon soap bar for bath. It will have an effect on all over skin problems rather than just the face. Before sleeping, apply tea tree essential oil 2 drops on damp face and lightly massage. Cocoon scrub can be used on regular basis for exfoliating and controlling excess sebum production.

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