The anti-ageing benefits of baobab extracts

Baobab extract is considered to be one of the best natural ingredients used to make amazing skincare products. It has many such characteristics that will allow you to acquire its benefits well. So, jump in to know more about such benefits.

You will find numerous beauty tips and blogs online that will ask you to try out, different bizarre chemicals on your skin. Your skin is precious and must be handled with great care. Instead of trying these bad substances to no avail, you should opt for the natural route. There are unique ways to maintain healthy skin and hair with just natural methods and one of these involves a super ingredient called baobab oil.

Baobab extracts or oil used in skincare products has amazing skin transforming benefits. This is considered to be one of the extensively used natural ingredients in premium skincare products. Hence, let’s read on the blog below to understand why the baobab tree extract is beneficial for your skin.

Greaseless moisturizing

The extracts derived from baobab oil is silky and smooth to feel, and it doesn’t create a greasy coat on the skin. It sinks right into the skin immediately it is used. You can choose a classic skincare cream that will penetrate deep into the layers without feeling sticky.

Rejuvenation of skin cells

The skin easily gets damaged by a lot of factors, especially the sun. Some harsh skin care products might be the cause in a lot of cases. Since the baobab oil contains a lot of vitamins and nourishing nutrients, it can heal the skin from within and rejuvenate the cells. This extract has anti-inflammatory properties that decrease the redness of the skin and reduce inflammation.

Restoration and production of collagen

The baobab extract acts as a collagen restoration product which helps to plump up the skin. Baobab oil contains vitamin C, and vitamin C is required for reducing skin aging. It stimulates the skin’s production of collagen and restores the collagen on aged skin.

Skin nourishing

The baobab extract consists of a lot of nutrients that is super beneficial for the skin. These sink into the skin to nourish the cells in the skin layer. These nutrients include the vitamins A, C, D, E and K, and Omega fatty acids 3, 6 and 9. They help the cells perform optimally and keep the skin healthy.

Balancing skin oil production

People with low levels of linoleic acid in their skin produce more oil on their skin surface. However, the Omega 6 acid constituent found in baobab oil meets this need and balances the production of oil in the skin. This is great for women who have oily skin and want a paraben free product that will prevent sebum build up.

Reduction of stretch marks

The vitamin content of baobab oil helps to reduce stretch marks. It maintains the skin elasticity and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin under the skin. This heals the stretch marks in the process.

Make sure to incorporate skin products with baobab extracts in your skincare routine to experience the remarkable benefits. It is safe to use and is considered a wonder ingredient in skincare world wide. And to get this in hand, try our Advanced anti ageing cream which is enriched with this super skin food.