Skin often becomes the most important aspect of our personality and our appearance. Be it the colour of our skin or how even toned and blemish-free it is… or not, we are judged! And all this negativity affects our confidence, our self esteem and the way we perceive ourselves to be.

It’s time we move out of a life of filters. It’s time to break free from the shackles of “unrealistic” beauty standards. Skin is neither good nor bad; nor is it a point of conversation. 

We can spend hours in front of the mirror analyzing every pore and perceived flaw or drown ourselves in a flood of skin treatment products. But it all just adds to our dysmorphic anxiety.

To us at Amoha, skin has a deeper meaning. It is a horizon between our inner and outer worlds; something both public and deeply personal at once. The skin allows us to experience the universe around us, to touch and be touched in return. And every skin shade and every perceived skin flaw is just another aspect of our individuality.


Our skincare should be centered around maintaining our skin’s health rather than being anxiety inducing. As individuals, we have different needs and so does our skin. Breakouts, dryness and pigmentation is just a way our skin is telling us that it needs some extra loving care.

We have curated our line of products to give you a healthy skin. Our products do not make false promises or claims of getting you 2 shades lighter or flawless skin, because we know, it is unreal and it is not what “you” are. Rather what they promise you, is to bring out your best beautiful self. 

The Amoha Natural range, like you, is naturally full of goodness and vitality. We use up to date technology to extract nature’s active ingredients that work seamlessly with your own natural skin. Our product lines are designed not just to suit different care needs, but to leave you joyous, radiant and in love with your natural self!