Show Your Skin some Love

Valentine’s Day is round the corner. So we thought, why not speak about some skin love?

Often we benchmark beauty with the current trends that are “unauthentic”. They are propagated by heavily filtered and edited pictures on social media – and the “beauty mode” of our own front camera. And no matter how much we drown ourselves into treatments and products, the truth is that we remain unsatisfied. And so, every look in the mirror simply adds to our anxiety.

If this is something that appeals to you, read on.

As individuals, we are all beautiful in our own ways, regardless of colour, shape and size. Hence the definition of beauty cannot be one stereotype. It actually has a variety of manifestations. And being beautiful, really means being the best version of oneself – as ‘different’ as it may be.

Bring back the care to skincare

Our skincare should centre around the principle of bringing out the natural beauty that is inherent to each one of us - our most beautiful selves! It should not be anxiety inducing of going down few shades lighter or achieving flawlessness.

The word “care” brings very positive feelings to our minds – feelings of love, satisfaction and happiness. And so should our skincare.

Use Natural Ingredients

We’re as much a part of creation, as any other natural wonder! We’re cut from the same fabric. That’s why natural ingredients take to us seamlessly, and are in synch with our own natural skin. Natural skincare ingredients have inherent “bio actives” that work from the inside out to nourish, care, pamper – and deliver an unparalleled experience.

It’s the journey that matters

Our skin is a barrier between our internal and external worlds - something both public and deeply personal at once.

It allows us to experience the universe around us, to touch and be touched in return. This is why skincare is a spiritual idea. It is a journey of finding, embracing, pampering and beaming our best selves.

And looking good? That’s just a by-product that happens on this journey.

Finding what works for you

It’s important to understand our skin, to understand what works best for it. While the choices are umpteen and so are the reviews, we should try and understand which ingredients suit us the best. E.g. aloe vera maybe working great as a humectant for someone, but, it may make someone else’s skin dry.  One must do a patch test and try a particular ingredient at least thrice before accepting or rejecting it. And once it’s found to work, stick to it.

Follow a ritual

A ritual is a religious or solemn ceremony consisting of a series of actions performed according to a prescribed order. And there’s a reason they are popular: they work!

Similarly, we should make skincare our daily ritual. From the products we choose to the amount of time we take employing them, how we care for our skin is a deeply personal undertaking. When followed ritualistically, day after day, it can bring forth our true beautiful selves.

As a brand, we truly believe in loving the skin we are in. Let this Valentine’s Day be all about showing our skin more love.